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Welcome to my courses.

These courses will support your transformation process towards being more the person you long to be in relationships and conversations. The courses have been designed to scaffold your understanding and ability to incorporate new ideas into practice in your real life. All courses aim to help you change your communication habits into more satisfying ways of relating, speaking and listening that bring connection, closeness and compassion. My goal and commitment are helping you be the best of yourself when you relate to and communicate with others.


Preview: In-depth NVC year-long programme

Join us for a trial session for the in-depth NVC programme starting in September. 

10:00 - 11:00 am BST

Sat 7 Aug or 

Sat 21 Aug




Empathy at Work

Come and join us for a taster of how empathy can enhance work relationships and collaboration. This is a preview for the 9-month programme on empathic leadership and open to anyone who wants to get a sense for how NVC can be applied to workplaces.

90 min. 

Oct. 9th, 15:30 BST




The Quiet, Empathic Leader

In this  9 month programme we will explore and practice the qualities and skills of nonviolent, empathic leadership. How can you leverage your influence empathically? See the recording of the preview session

9 months, 2 calls/ mo.

16 Oct 2020- June 2021

This course is now full



In-depth year-long NVC online course

Join us for a community journey to deeply integrate the NVC way of thinking and living. Become more fluent in the language of compassion: listening with full presence, speaking calmly and honestly and staying in connection through any conversation. Disponible en español.

11 months,  2 calls/ mo

Starts Sept 11

sliding scale



Queriéndome y hablándote: Introducción a la CNV

Este es un curso muy práctico, con la meta de que aprendas a aplicar la CNV a situaciones reales, tanto internamente como externamente. Es un honor para mí apoyarte según vas conociéndote y aceptándote un poquito más, y pudiendo inyectar empatía en tus relaciones y tu comunicación con otras personas. Primera clase gratuita.

8 llamadas

Oct 19- Dic 21

£90 /€100



e-course: Honesty that Connects

Be assertive and speak your mind fully while staying connected.

Note: This course is a self-directed course, offered as prerecorded videos and other materials to go through at your leisure. 

videos, 1 call/mo.

At your convenience