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Conflict Transformation

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There are a couple of options we can go ahead with: 

1. Mediation in the style of NVC with myself as facilitator. Mediations have concrete purposes and might involve a few people or a couple of groups. A mediator does not side with anyone but provides an omni-partial approach and commitment to finding a solution together after all needs have been identified. 

2. A Restorative Circle is a means of ‘having a conflict.’ The aim is finding new strategies that work better for everyone, restoring past damage and creating bridges to rebuild relationships. A restorative circle aims to restore the relationships and to have all people affected by a conflict (not just the person who acted and the receiver of the action) engage in listening to each other and finding a solution together. The facilitator simple supports a process of mutual understanding. The style of restorative circles I facilitate is based on Dominic Barter's work and can be considered an application of NVC. Restorative circles and practices are a subset of a broader area called Restorative Justice, which seeks to find solutions to conflicts in a nonviolent and non-punitive way. Having one circle for a specific conflict can move a long-standing situation forward. My ideal is to institute a restorative circle system in your workplace or community so that you can handle and resolve the lesser conflicts so that they don't linger and grow into unmanageable situations. At the core of restorative circles is a trust in everyone's needs as equally important and in stimulating creativity to find novel ways forward that work for everybody.


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Important Information

This service can be offered in English and Spanish. The terms of the offer depend on the options we agree on and will be crafted together.





My name is Nati Beltrán. I am a Nonviolent Communication consultant, facilitator and coach.

Bright Communication provides simple and powerful communication and collaboration tools that support organisations and individuals align with and live out their values.

Better communication for a better world.

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