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Empathic Feedback

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3 calls, 90 min

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£90/ £80 bf Sept 12


PREVIEW session on Sept 11th. See here.

Feedback is the life of organisations. It keeps them learning, adaptable and nimble. A system that does not allow for free and easy information flow cannot grow and evolve with changing outside conditions. 

Empathic feedback seeks to support people to see themselves in a new light and to be able to grow, both as part of their personal development project as well as to better meet the goals of their team and the mission of the organisation. An empathic and partnership approach to offering feedback allows us to be able to be more honest while taking care of people. 

In this course, I will present the NVC approach to feedback giving and receiving, and support you in creating a feedback culture within your organisation. 


This course aims to give you the core principles and tools of empathic feedback that creates more alignment and has a greater chance to be implemented. 

We will look at:

  • The characteristics of effective feedback

  • How to offer empathic feedback that is fully honest 

  • Feedback as a gift: using feedback to support people's development

  • How to include the receiver in the process for increased alignment 

  • Creating a culture where feedback flows freely

  • Appreciation: enhancing the positive

  • Turning "negative" feedback into a true learning opportunity

  • The art of receiving feedback

Who is this for?

This course is designed specifically for people in management or leadership positions who find themselves needing to offer feedback and who would like to learn to do it with more ease and efficiency, as well as more compassionately. 

It is also beneficial for: 

  • anyone who wants to learn the dynamics of providing empathic feedback  

  • people who wish to learn to receive feedback in a way that supports their growth while leaving their sense of self intact

Even if you do not have a lot of influence in your workplace to make big changes, there are many benefits to incorporating the principles of empathic feedback and it is so supportive for people that it has a contageous quality to it. 


Course Content

I will present principles and practices from NVC that can support you in understanding and getting proficient in many different areas. I will custom create this training to the interests and skill level of participants. Some topics I'll be covering:

Your emotional intelligence and literacy

  • learning to tap into and identify your emotions and needs

  • becoming more compassionate with yourself

  • transforming self-violence or negative self-talk into self-empathy

More connected and efficient conversations and meetings

  • true honesty that connects and supports growth

  • the art of giving and receiving empathic feedback in a way that creates alignment

  • appreciations and evaluations that support people's growth and development

  • avoiding the things that block communication or tend to "trigger" people

  • the deliberate use of verbal and nonverbal communication to serve your purpose

  • interrupting skills

  • hearing strong messages and translating them into life-serving language

Creating a culture change at work

  • inspiring and motivating people to collaborate, to be authentic through creating a culture of being radically honest while being caring

  • using your influence to create change that aligns with your values

  • true collaboration and inclusion (away from competition or exclusion)

  • deescalating violence or tension and redirecting conversations towards collaboration (away from separatedness)

  • valuing and balancing individual needs with organisational needs and aims

  • using conflict as a learning and development strategy

  • meeting structure to support participation and efficiency (while holding people in their wholeness)

My Teaching Style

My teaching approach is dynamic, and I vary the kinds of activities and provide participatory experiences in which our learning community can enrich each other and learn together. I believe we all have much to learn from each other and you will be invited to participate, explore, question, ponder.

I enjoy mixing theory and mental-type practice with embodied approaches (even in the online format). I attempt to provide experiencial moments to give you an embodied memory of your insights. We will break out into small groups to practice with other participants (you can choose not to participate in any aspect of the calls). This creates a more private space for deep exploration.

Above all, I strive to create a safe and fun atmosphere where people can play, test run and learn new communication skills.

I will model different situations and how to apply NVC to them, as well as coach participants on their real life situations. We will do role plays, revisit conversatoins and meetings that didn't go well and that we want to improve, decision-making processes that were tortuous- and we will redo them applying the new tools and ideas.

Watch the video 

Important Information

Refund policy

I hope that you will be very satisfied with this course and what it offers you. However, should you choose to back off, refunds are available up to 30 days from date of purchase.

Sliding Scale

"The cost is too high for me, or for my country's purchasing power"

I really would like to make this course accessible to anyone who would enjoy taking it and wishes to improve their empathic and feedback skills for the workplace. If the price of this course is an impediment for your joining, please get in touch by filling out hte form below, as I have a sliding scale for people who make less than the median income in their countries (£30,000 in the UK). 

Taking it further

This course is a good taster for how Nonviolent Communication applies to improving relationships and efficiency in the workplace. If you want to take it further, please check out my longer course in Quiet Leadership starting in September. 


Nati Beltrán crafts her interactive communication training sessions with the flow of artistry and the precision of science. I was engaged and inspired through every minute. I learned more about scary honesty and true honesty that draws people closer together, instead of apart, than any other Nonviolent Communication or any communication course I have ever experienced. Her practical tips and learning on the body, mental and emotional levels all made it easy for me to remember and immediately apply what I learned to my priority relationships. And it worked! Nati is a gifted teacher of communication that connects! I recommend wholeheartedly to grab the chance to have her as a teacher or coach.

- Marie R. Miyashiro - Author, The Empathy Factor and International e-Learning Trainer, Coach and Mentor

I want to thank you for your wonderful teaching!
I'm noticing breakthroughs when I use NVC tools in conversations where I'm able to stay connected and present in difficult situations. Staying centred with self- compassion is helping me lean into the other person's feelings (without taking responsibility for them) and needs. I've been able to ask for someone's truth that was difficult for them to express, giving them a safe place with no judgment to do that. I could also listen to his truth that was difficult for me to hear by giving myself the compassion I needed in the space of one breath.
Thanks again for your wonderful gift.
- 6 month NVC in-depth programme participant




My name is Nati Beltrán. I am a Nonviolent Communication consultant, facilitator and coach.

Bright Communication provides simple and powerful communication and collaboration tools that support organisations and individuals align with and live out their values.

Better communication for a better world.

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