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Empathy at Work

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90 min. 

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In this 90 minute session I will be giving you the basics of how to improve your listening skills and make people feel gotten. You will leave with tangible skills and a "map" that you can apply right away. This class can be expanded with  the 9-month NVC programme The Empathic Leader.

I believe that the world these days needs strong emotional, relational and empathic leadership skills and for people to be able to collaborate empathically and effectively. My aim is to support you in humanising your workplace.

Join us if you are interested in deepening your empathic communication skills for your leadership role or with your coworkers. If you miss the latest date, you will get the recording. 

Also join us if you are just interested on how NVC applies to the workplace


You will get a taster for the roadmap of  the NVC  empathic listening process. 

  • What is empathy? What isn´t empathy? 

  • How can you show your empathy at work without losing your effectiveness?

  • How does empathy uphold a kind, collaborative work approach?

Who is this for?

For anyone interested in improving their empathic listening skills for work situations. Of course,  being empathic is a transferable skill--  improving your communication skills has a spillover effect on your entire life and all your relationships!


I will provide an overview of what NVC is and how it can support us in being more empathic and effective leaders who can live by their values more and more. I will provide some theory and some practice on concrete skills: empathic listening and the use of empathy when delivering difficult messages. 

For those interested in a longer experience, this course is expanded in the 9 month programme The Empathic Leader.  

Watch the video 

Important Information

The link will bring you to a Paypal page to be able to pay £20 for this course. I look forward to seeing you there! 


I want to thank you for your wonderful teaching!
I'm noticing breakthroughs when I use NVC tools in conversations where I'm able to stay connected and present in difficult situations. Staying centred with self- compassion is helping me lean into the other person's feelings (without taking responsibility for them) and needs. I've been able to ask for someone's truth that was difficult for them to express, giving them a safe place with no judgment to do that. I could also listen to his truth that was difficult for me to hear by giving myself the compassion I needed in the space of one breath.
Thanks again for your wonderful gift.
- 6 month NVC in-depth programme participant




My name is Nati Beltrán. I am a Nonviolent Communication consultant, facilitator and coach.

Bright Communication provides simple and powerful communication and collaboration tools that support organisations and individuals align with and live out their values.

Better communication for a better world.

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