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Individual Coaching

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Online, or in central Brighton

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1 hour

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Custom dates

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Get the value of individualised coaching, integrating communication skills specific to your life situations. I will support you, in very concrete ways, to learn connected communication that can help you have more harmonious relationships. We will explore how are you are currently relating to others and to yourself, and detect your habitual patterns in relating and communicating, and I will help you learn tools to change them. NVC is a powerful tool and framework to look at and improve relationships through changing our thinking and our communication. It is broadly applied to any situation: tensions and conflicts, communication difficulties, emotional difficulties. First of all, I will support you in understanding yourself, how you work, your emotions, your needs, how your thinking affects your emotional state. Then, I will support you in learning skills to talk to others more honestly and to foster the connection between you. Become more emotionally literate and resilient, learn compassionate assertiveness. Learn to be kinder to yourself and transform your critical self-chatter into an accepting and supportive presence that propels you to develop in the direction of your values and your dreams.


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My name is Nati Beltrán. I am a Nonviolent Communication consultant, facilitator and coach.

Bright Communication provides simple and powerful communication and collaboration tools that support organisations and individuals align with and live out their values.

Better communication for a better world.

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