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Intermediate In-depth NVC Programme

Where |


Duration |

7 Oct. 2021- July 2022

When |

Thursdays 18:30-20:30 (London)

2 live calls / month

Price |

£75/ mo. (5% off if paid in full)


Do you want a beautifully habitable inner space in which being you feels delightful? Do you long for a kind and gentle inner voice that supports you to live how you really wish to live? Are you called to align the way you live more and more with your values? And to communicate with power, gentleness, respect? Do you long to improve your relationship with others and to communicate in line with what you value?  Have you already been inspired by NVC  and see how much more it could contribute to your life?

If this is you... join us for this 10 month exploration and journey in community towards creating a world around you that works better for all (including you!). 

In this longer course, I will provide different practices to connect more deeply with yourself, as well as with others. I will offer opportunities to discuss and to deepen how we see  ourselves and our relationships, and how we act and speak. We will continue to practice NVC  exercises, seeking more depth and to shift blocks that might be preventing you from communicating authentically and in line with your values.  

I like offering different kinds of activities and exercises: meditations or mindful explorations, discussion, role playing, practice of different elements of communication, deep processes of resonance, etc. There will be group coaching where we will take one example and examine it in depth, and learn how to communicate and relate differently with  NVC.  All students will have the opportunity to be coached. I will also be  presenting  concepts and weaving in my understanding of Neuroscience in how we construct the world we see and how we can learn to understand and soothe ourselves better (I will be finishing my Masters in Neuroscience in the next months). 


The overall aim of this programme is to support you to embed NVC in your daily life, so that it can become a more fluid language and so that you feel more ease in its application. This programme will help you understand  NVC  with more depth. My greatest hope for you is that, over the months, you will start to  feel that you are living  NVC, not simply using it as a tool or a set of skills, but integrating  NVC  principles into your daily life, into your thinking, speaking and acting.

The programme is designed to offer you a chance to go from knowing (in your head) to being and living (all of you). We will work towards developing more fluency in the language of compassion, towards keeping your language natural and normal while embodying the principles of nonviolence and NVC.


  • Knowing yourself more and being authentic in your relationships, in your choices. 

  • Increasing your capacity for self-compassion, to be there more for yourself, as a warm and soothing presence. 

  • Having more ready access to self-empathy, and to know how to turn self-criticism around in the moment.

  • Having the clarity of what values and needs drive you in each moment, and how to live according to them, with a greater sense of integrity

  • Increasing your consciousness of needs in you and others.

  • Emotional granularity: Improve your awareness of your emotions. Becoming more comfortable with the whole range of emotions, being more willing to feel triggered and knowing how to support yourself to come back to balance again. This tends to lead to more resilience and  to  handle a broader range of emotions.

  • More clarity on what inner blocks you have that impede relating with the ease and connection you would love (beliefs, unconscious contracts, habits of thinking, etc.). 

  • Being less reactive and being more able to choose your response, with awareness of your needs and others' needs.


  • Learning to communicate with more clarity, simnplicity and effectiveness what is important to you. 

  • Learning to live the core NVC  differentiations: strategy vs. need, feeling vs. thinking, observing vs. interpretting or evaluating, etc.

  • Deepening you ability to be empathic towards others and to be really present while receiving the expression of another human being. Your increased ability to hold space for others in itself can greatly improve relationships.

  • Creating community with others who have shared values and vision of the world.

  • Setting boundaries with clarity and love.

  • Finding connecting language in the moment, while staying true to yourself in your expression. 

  • Speaking from the heart in a more fluid way

  • Leading your conversations from compassion and clarity.

  • Handling conflict and being more and more willing to engage in conflict because you have more ability to transform it without getting lost. 

In the end, continued NVC practice helps us to be more the person we want to be and to sustain and deepen the relationships we value. 

Who is this for?

This programme is for people  who have studied NVC for 1 or 2 years and are very clear on its core principles and practices. If you are not too clear on how to offer a safe empathic listening space or on the material covered in Marshall Rosenberg´s Nonviolent Communication  book, it would be better that you take a year long programme before enrolling in this intermediate course. You can check out mine here (starting in October). 

 Reach out to me to schedule a call and get to know each other and to explore together if the programme is a good fit for what you are looking for. 



  • Strategies to choose our beliefs more consiously

  • Shifting unconscious contracts

  • Deep mourning 

  • Celebrating

  • Self-empathy tools, self-recognition and valuing oneself

  • Getting to know fundamental human needs in more depth. Being conscious of needs throughout your day.

  • Inner exploration of willingness as a relationsihp with yourself (vs. forcing yourself to do or be a particular way)

  • Paradigms of thought and how they create the world you live in, the reality you are in. (abundance vs. scarcity, right vs. wrong, good vs. bad, union vs. separation, etc.)

  • Shifting habits of thinking: what keeps you stuck in the past, or worried about the future?

  • Radical self-acceptance practice

  • Gratitude

  • Growing a more positive mind through consistent practice 


  • Exploration of power and use of force, willingness vs. force

  • Making agreements within the group

  • Reconciliation and conflict resolution

  • Creating a restorative system for conflict resolution that helps us choose how we engage where there is difference and disagreement

  • Offering and receiving feedback that is supportive for growth while valuing the person

  • Dissolving enemy images and reconnecting, restoring breaks in relationships

  • Patterns in which you relate to others . Choosing differently, introducing a new step in the relational dance. 

Watch the video 

Important Information


We always meet on Thursdays, from 18:30 to 20:30 (London). 

Oct 7, 28           Nov   18, 25        Dec   2, 16,       Jan   13, 20       Feb   17, 24

March 24, 31     April   7, 21          May 5, 19          June   2, 16        July   7,  21


The cost of the couse is £75 per month for individuals (for people who make around the median income in the UK or in their countries). If your company pays for you, the cost is £95 (NGO) or £125 (profit-based company). There are a few concessionary spaces, please get in touch if you would like to be considered.

There is a 5% discount if you pre-pay the complete amount. There are no discounts for people who are able to pay in full. 

When you click the Register button, you will be taken to the Instructions page. 


Nati Beltrán crafts her interactive communication training sessions with the flow of artistry and the precision of science. I was engaged and inspired through every minute. I learned more about scary honesty and true honesty that draws people closer together, instead of apart, than any other Nonviolent Communication or any communication course I have ever experienced. Her practical tips and learning on the body, mental and emotional levels all made it easy for me to remember and immediately apply what I learned to my priority relationships. And it worked! Nati is a gifted teacher of communication that connects! I recommend wholeheartedly to grab the chance to have her as a teacher or coach.

I want to thank you for your wonderful teaching!
I'm noticing breakthroughs when I use NVC tools in conversations where I'm able to stay connected and present in difficult situations. Staying centred with self- compassion is helping me lean into the other person's feelings (without taking responsibility for them) and needs. I've been able to ask for someone's truth that was difficult for them to express, giving them a safe place with no judgment to do that. I could also listen to his truth that was difficult for me to hear by giving myself the compassion I needed in the space of one breath.
Thanks again for your wonderful gift.
- 6 month NVC in-depth programme participant





My name is Nati Beltrán. I am a Nonviolent Communication consultant, facilitator and coach.

Bright Communication provides simple and powerful communication and collaboration tools that support organisations and individuals align with and live out their values.

Better communication for a better world.

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