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Preview: In-depth NVC 10 mo. programme

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10:00 - 11:00 am BST

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Aug 22nd or Sat Sept. 4th

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If you are interested in an immersive NVC experience with other like-minded people, do join us for a taster class Sunday 22nd August or Saturday Sept. 4th (I am happy to have you at both if you so wish and don´t mind the repetition). 

Register for the taster session here. This session will be recorded, so do sign up even if you are not able to join in person. 

The yearly in-depth programme aims to foster a deep understanding of  NVC as well as to support your growth and the creation of new patterns of relating and communicating over the next year.


Get to know me and my teaching style- or reconnect with me and other potential student if you have been my student before. 

We will be reviewing some of the core concepts and ideas in NVC with other participants.  What works well and less well in communication? What would you like to see in your life that you think NVC can help you with? 

Who is this for?

This class is for people who are interested in the yearly in-depth NVC  programme. See details of this programme here


In this session I will offer training and practice on one NVC topic. We will discuss and brainstorm your current understanding and have a small start at digging into NVC  skills in more depth than you might have encountered them thus far. 

Come prepared to get to know others in class as well as to participate and share your questions, your hopes, your knowledge, your celebrations. It is fine to jsut come and observe too, there will be no expectation to participate, you are in charge of your experience here! 

Watch the video 

Important Information

This session is free of charge. 


Nati Beltrán crafts her interactive communication training sessions with the flow of artistry and the precision of science. I was engaged and inspired through every minute. I learned more about scary honesty and true honesty that draws people closer together, instead of apart, than any other Nonviolent Communication or any communication course I have ever experienced. Her practical tips and learning on the body, mental and emotional levels all made it easy for me to remember and immediately apply what I learned to my priority relationships. And it worked! Nati is a gifted teacher of communication that connects! I recommend wholeheartedly to grab the chance to have her as a teacher or coach.

- Marie R. Miyashiro - Author, The Empathy Factor and International e-Learning Trainer, Coach and Mentor

I want to thank you for your wonderful teaching!
I'm noticing breakthroughs when I use NVC tools in conversations where I'm able to stay connected and present in difficult situations. Staying centred with self- compassion is helping me lean into the other person's feelings (without taking responsibility for them) and needs. I've been able to ask for someone's truth that was difficult for them to express, giving them a safe place with no judgment to do that. I could also listen to his truth that was difficult for me to hear by giving myself the compassion I needed in the space of one breath.
Thanks again for your wonderful gift.
- 6 month NVC in-depth programme participant




My name is Nati Beltrán. I am a Nonviolent Communication consultant, facilitator and coach.

Bright Communication provides simple and powerful communication and collaboration tools that support organisations and individuals align with and live out their values.

Better communication for a better world.

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