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Get your team skilled in the basics of sharing information openly in a way that supports cohesion and the joint purpose. Add elements such as empathic listening or taking full responsibility for our views and how we express them and enjoy a lighter, and more collaborative environment. Create a culture of person-centred feedback that strengthens information flow and improves team's effectiveness while supporting people to develop. Learn communication strategies that create better working relationships and enhance the common goal. Tackle conflicts before they get too big or weighty and learn to resolve tensions in a positive way forward.


The way people communicate and relate to each other can get in the way of working together and achieving the results we hoped for. 

• Improve team spirit through better relationships

• Create a culture of honesty and feedback

• Improve collaboration skills

• Capitalise on each person's strength towards group cohesion and more seamless collaboration

Who is this for?

Leaders of teams who want to support people collaborating better. Any team that wishes improve their relationships, decrease conflict and enjoy the process of working together more, while improving their ability to work towards the shared aims.


This service is customized to your team's needs. We might look at:

  • What is impeding collaboration

  • Better ways to relate and speak truthfully to each other

  • The art and science of effective feedback- creating a culture of feedback. 

  • How power dynamics play out in the teams' work and how they are affecting people

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Important Information

This service can be offered in English and Spanish. The terms of the offer depend on the options we agree on and will be crafted together.





My name is Nati Beltrán. I am a Nonviolent Communication consultant, facilitator and coach.

Bright Communication provides simple and powerful communication and collaboration tools that support organisations and individuals align with and live out their values.

Better communication for a better world.

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