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e-course: Honesty that Connects

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videos, 1 call/mo.

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Radical honesty is clear, direct, non-apologetic, yet open and empathetic. Being fully honest helps us have better relationships- even though this might seem counterintuitive. The catch is doing it in a way that can be easily heard. People actually really love knowing your full story, so long as it is expressed with responsibility and care for them. However, for many of us old entrenched patterns in communication get in the way and we end up either bottling things up OR blurting out words that we later regret. Stop being the victim of either of these patterns! Learning to change communication habits that disconnect us from others is really empowering and increases our happiness and wellbeing. Those around you will love you for the change. Help yourself understand and stop using words that are triggers to others. Speak in a way that can be listened better, be truly received and live a richer life. You will get •A resource guide as reading before each call, with the main communication blockers and enhancers. Each week, I will add a unit. •4 recorded video webinars (about 60-75 min each) covering some theory and practice of tools (one a week). •Summary of techniques and concepts we cover in the calls (so that you can practice at home) •Exercise sheets to help you in practicing the new skills. Completing them will aid your understanding of your own patterns and how to change them. (e.g. revisiting a difficult conversation) •BONUS: Free access to my NVC Practice Group (one 1.5 hour call monthly)- for 2 months. Your commitment Time for the core course (for a total duration of 4 weeks): 4x 60-75 min videos + 2 hours of reading/ exercises per week + 10 minutes or practice once or twice daily Additional practice: 1x 1hour empathy buddy a week (optional but strongly suggested- find a friend who is willing to practice with you). Daily time to reflect on your progress in a journal. Make this course work for you.This is the type of course that you can take lightly to get some basic concepts and tips, or you can take very seriously and immerse yourself in the material and practice beyond the suggestions. It is up to you, your needs in this moment and your availability. The exercises can be practiced any time, so don’t stress if you don’t get to everything in the month we are together. You can spread it out.


This course is designed for you to enhance your awareness of the following elements in your communication and to offer you tools to start changing them through practice: •The specific things you do or say that tend to trigger others •The effects of speaking your mind uncensored •Practices to help you be more in control of what you say, and how you say it •How to hold on to what’s important to you •How to understand other people’s responses and guide a conversation towards togetherness, toward sustained connection, even when there is disagreement between you •How to tell when it is time to speak and when leaving it for later would serve you better •Ways to transform ingrained relational and communication patterns

Who is this for?

This course is for you is you long to be able to communicate more compassionately while staying committed to telling your full truth. No previous NVC experience required. I have had experienced NVC practitioners take this course and have some deep insights about their communication patterns around honesty. I provide many opportunities for deep reflection and the material is flexible and can be adjusted to your NVC level.


NVC, honesty, compassionate communication.

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My name is Nati Beltrán. I am a Nonviolent Communication consultant, facilitator and coach.

Bright Communication provides simple and powerful communication and collaboration tools that support organisations and individuals align with and live out their values.

Better communication for a better world.

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