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NVC enhances our ability to feel and express gratitude. Geoge Benta interviews me in the Gratitude Podcast with . 

NVC for entrepreneurs interview. I discuss how NVC applies to the workplace and especially to entrepreneurs, with leadership coach Charo Pinilla. 

Can I listen emphatically? When is advice better than empathy? It's not about the nail.


Marshall Rosenberg himself explaining the Foundations of NVC in a series of videos. Compiled by one of my students. 

Self-empathy by Marshall Rosenberg. Video 1  Video 2

The following videos are fun and great examples of the main NVC elements. In Spanish (subtitles available) by colleague Dani Muxi

Observations | Observaciones

Feelings  | Emociones

Needs  |  Necesidades

Requests  |  Peticiones


About NVC's founder, Marshall Rosenberg and the Centre for Nonviolent Communication

NVC-UK: NVC in the UK


Marshall Rosenberg's original book, Nonviolent Communication, Chapter 1​ (free of charge from CNVC)


Downloadable Feelings list

Downloadable Needs list

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