Leading with Empathy, Authenticity & Purpose

L.E.A.P. is a one-year immersion course to embed the tools of Nonviolent Communication and emotional agility into your leadership style.

Rooted in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and mindfulness principles and enriched by insights from modern positive psychology and neuroscience, this program is designed for purpose-driven leaders seeking to enhance their leadership skills and become more effective leaders, while prioritising the human element.

Introduction to L.E.A.P. – Leading with Empathy, Authenticity & Purpose – by Nati Beltrán

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Registrations are on a rolling basis and you can start at any time (modules are independent, see below). The official start of the programme is July 1st.

Empathy has been drawing much attention lately as a key skill in effective leadership and thriving workplaces. Being empathic is a human ability that we all have access to. However, relating and communicating with empathy and fostering collaboration effectively are skills that need to be honed and improved through deliberate practice.

Being an effective leader and making the impact you envision requires many skills, including speaking truthfully while doing so in a way that your message can not only be heard and assumed but also serve to move people forward. A mixture of authenticity and diplomacy is really powerful.

Taster session on Thursday, July 25th, 15:00-16:00 BST (London).

Course Summary

In this very practical training you will join other managers and leaders who are driven by purpose and a vision to make a positive change in the world and meet the Sustainability Goals.

Through the weeks and months, we will create a learning community to integrate the principles and practices of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) as applied to the workplace and to leading teams of people or leading change in organisations. Together, we will explore how to bring more empathy, authenticity and diplomacy to your unique leadership style.

L.E.A.D provides a comprehensive approach to effective, ethical, and community-centric leadership and helps you integrate the principles and practices of NVC as they relate to your leadership. Each session will have a presentation part with theoretical aspects, as well as exercises to help you develop the skills. You will acquire a toolbox to help you better understand yourself and others, regulate emotions, and balance the diverse needs within your organization. Learn to weave together diverse points of view, express difficult messages with diplomacy, negotiate and resolve conflicts while staying connected to others, facilitate meetings that are more effective and include everyone.

See detailed course content below.

Prerequisite: This training can accommodate a range of levels. However, I do assume a foundational understanding of NVC through a training by a certified NVC trainer or similar. If you do not have this, just get in touch or expect to learn a lot from others who do. Drop me a note to assess where you are at and what the course requires.

Course Format

This course has a strong component of practice. Prepare yourself for an immersion experience in a new way of looking at people and relationships.

The modules have been designed to stand alone. Each month begins with one new module. So, you can join the course at any point.

Each month you will get:

  • 1 short video (10-20 min) delivered a few days before the live call to highlight the monthly topic and get you prepared for the live call
  • 1 monthly 60-90 min live call on Zoom with theoretical presentation as well as group practice and coaching
  • Dates:  date and time to be discussed with the first registrants. You start at any time and end one year after your start date.
  • 2 monthly 1-hour practice sessions a month (open to other leaders not in the course): The Empathic Leader Sandbox
  • 1 email mid month with bonus material and more practice ideas
  • Course hub with recordings, reading, presentation PDFs and other materials to support your learning.
  • Accountability/ empathy partnership  with other course participants- this is a key element of the course to keep you practicing regularly.
  • Optional: Coaching/ mentoring: There is the possibility of getting individualised coaching from me, to help you advance more quickly and integrate the skills.

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£235 one time payment

Follow the link below to pay and register.

You have 30 days guarantee from the time you register or from the start of the course should you decide the programme is not for you or not at this time.

Contact me if you have any questions or if I can be of any assistance.

Course Details

1Mindful leadershipBecome more aware of your internal world, which in turn will help you manage your emotions and be more resilient. This is the basis to be able to be more perceptive, understand others better and lead with empathy. Emotional intelligence techniques, stress management techniques, work-life balance strategies.
2Empathic leadershipEmpathy. Listening to others and treating them with compassion

An empathic leader is sensitive to others’ emotions, perspectives, and experiences. Treating individuals with empathy involves actively listening, showing understanding, and demonstrating genuine concern for others’ well-being.

3Authentic leadershipHonest expression, Boundaries, bold requests personal integrity and congruence in communication.
4Inclusive LeadershipHow to ensure that all voices are heard, valued, and included in decision-making processes. Convergent Facilitation, handling dissent effectively.
5Collaborative LeadershipTeam dynamics and team building strategies.

Facilitating collaboration. Build an inclusive culture.

Explore strategies for fostering diversity and inclusion within teams, along with team-building activities that emphasize collaboration.

6Inspiring leadershipThe psychology behind motivation. Feedback that motivates and inspires. How to receive feedback gracefully. Inviting feedback across power gaps.
7Diplomatic leadershipNavigating interpersonal dynamics within the team. Bridging divides without compromising Mediation and conflict resolution techniques. Resolving disputes amicably and keeping connection. Fostering positive relationships.

Managing negotiations with tact and assertiveness.

8Effective LeadershipTranslating needs into effective action. The art of effective delegating. Promoting productivity, creative problem-solving and innovation.
9Development-based LeadershipPromoting development in people and teams. Coaching and Mentoring techniques. How to foster a growth mindset.
10Community-centric leadershipAwareness and inclusion of the needs of all. Facilitating open dialogue, holding circles and meetings in a way that promotes trust and a sense of community.
11Ethical leadershipInfluencing people nonviolently, without manipulating them. Awareness of power dynamics and ethical use of power. Inclusive leadership.
12Adaptive leadershipNavigating change. Shifting the culture to more empathic and compassionate & supporting people to undergo systemic change. Aligning personal and organisational values.