We help organisations, leaders and managers lead with empathy, compassion and emotional intelligence. A purpose that’s more important than ever.

We’re experiencing seismic shifts in our climate, politics and technology. Between global conflicts, climate change, the cost-of-living crisis and the aftermath of COVID-19, we're facing enormous challenges.

Progress on the Global Goals has stalled and even reversed. If we are to make the Global Goals a reality and create a more sustainable, equitable and just world, we need to inspire and build a generation of empathic leaders to regain the progress that’s been lost and make lasting change. This is our why.


Our vision is a sustainable, equitable and peaceful world where people live in harmony with themselves and the natural environment; one where every human being has a deep sense of self-stewardship and feels recognised, valued and included.


At the core of our mission is a belief in the power of compassion and nonviolence and the limitless potential of people to create ripples of change and a world at peace with itself; a mission to develop the empathic leaders needed to fulfil the promise of the Global Goals.

Discover the impact of our work

Read the stories of the leaders, managers and organisations we’ve been fortunate to work with and learn about the ripples of positive change we've created together.

Transforming Corporate Culture Through Empathetic Leadership

After studying with Nati I´ve been called a Jedi Knight. I can mediate difficult conversations and meetings and dissolve conflicts in the moment. If you have a leadership role, you have got to get the core skills of NVC

Learning to resolve differences and conflict peacefully for international collaboration

Nati’s mentorship and workshops have transformed our school community, inspiring cross-cultural understanding, collaboration, and alignment with our mission for a peaceful and sustainable world, setting an example for other organizations in our network.

Harnessing the human skills needed to lead ecological change

Nati’s course enhanced my leadership. I confidently handle tough conversations, set clearer boundaries, and express my needs. Her empathy-driven approach strengthens connections, helping me advance our mission for a more peaceful, sustainable future.