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The Empathic Leader

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12 weeks

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Sept 23 -Dec. 9, 2022

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"Soft skills"  in the workplace is a buzz word. Empathy has been drawing much attention lately as a key skill in good leadership and thriving workplaces. 

Being empathic is a human ability that we all have access to. However, relating and communicating with empathy and fostering collaboration effectively are skills that need to be honed and  improved through deliberate practice. 

In this workshop you will join other managers and leaders and we will create a learning community to integrate the principles and practices of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) as applied to the workplace and to leading teams of people or leading change in organisations. Together, we will explore how to bring more empathy to your unique and authentic leadership style. We will use the techniques and ideas from NVC  and neuroscience to investigate your communication and relationships, the values that are important to you in leadership and what oyur deep motivators are. We will also analyse what your difficulties in relating to and communicating with others are, and explore ways to move forward.

We will meet in live online calls once a week for 12 weeks. In this time, we will explore, discuss, practice new communication skills, look honestly at ourselves, learn to give and receive feedback with more effectiveness and more empathy, find out how to to handle difficult conversations without losing conenction. We will inquire into the power we have and how we are using it...

Above all, I hope that I can support you in reviewing your mindsets around relating and communicating, and that practicing NVC  can help you shed habits that don't work or impede good communication. I believe that  you will gain a full toolkit of "empathic skills"  and start feeling that you are working more in alignment with your deeply held values and bringing out the best in people,  supporting others and your organisation or business to do the same.


We will meet live once a week for 90 min calls on Fridays, 15:00-16:30 BST (UK), starting on September 23rd and ending December 9th. 

Interested? Let's have a chat to help me understand your goals and obstacles  and what you are looking for in a course like this. 


This course is an incredible growing experience that will offer you relational tools for life. It will be supportive for your professional life but course participants find that it also helps them acquire skills for their personal life. 

I will present mindsets and practices to support you in understanding and getting proficient in empathic communication and interpersonal relationships:

  • the deliberate use of nonverbal communication to serve your purpose

  • more connected and efficient meetings and conversations

  • honesty that connects

  • the art of giving and receiving empathic feedback that creates alignment

  • appreciations and evaluations that support people's growth and development

  • avoiding the things that block communication or tend to "trigger" people

  • inspiring and motivating people to collaborate, to be authentic through creating a culture of being radically honest while being caring 

  • using your influence to create change that aligns with your values 

  • hearing strong messages and translating them into life-serving language

  • descalating violence or tension and redirecting conversations towards collaboration (away from separatedness)

  • conflict resolution

  • creating a culture of true collaboration and willingness 

  • balancing individual needs with organisational needs and aims

  • anything you want to bring in that relates to NVC- make your request to me! 

Who is this for?

This 12-week course is especially designed for leaders who identify themselves with the words "empathic leadership"   or "servant-leader," who are looking to lead from a place of humility and humanity but also great skill. It is also for those who would love to learn to bring the human touch to their leadership without losing their efficiency or their strong attributes.

I believe that this course is for people who have already discovered and resonate with being of service to their employees, teams and/or clients and are therefore seeking to build their skills through the ideals of nonviolence and harmonious, respectful human relationships.

This programme is for you if you are interested in learning to speak a language that brings peace and togetherness, and if you are eager to learn many skills to help you create more of a partnership and collaborative model in your workplace.

This course is also for you if you identify yourself as a quiet type, gentle type or "introverted" and at times long for more skills to bring yourself fully to your work and leadership, this course will offer you skills to still be you and build on your strengths while thriving as a leader. You do not need to sacrifice your gentle side in order to navigate  the current work situations. NVC  can empower you to speak your truth, to speak up more and with more assertiveness, to set healhty boundaries, to be strong in the face of a culture of competition and exclussion, and to interrupt with grace. In my experience, NVC  helps us to live our values in more concrete ways and to be more ourselves, while getting more effective at producing results with our work.

People who enroll in this programme are willing to have a thorough and honest look both at themselves and at our current systems, especially around how power is used.

This programme is designed for you if you are are interested in fostering change towards more humanistic and respectful systems that use power with people, partnering up with them and working towards co-creating a model of human organisation and relationships that meets the needs of all. This work is in tandem with meeting the leader's needs as well as the organisation's needs and purpose.


I will present principles and practices from NVC  and key insights from neuroscience towards  supporting you in understanding and getting proficient in communicating more in alignment with your values. Some topics we'll be covering:

Emotional intelligence and literacy

  • learning to tap into and identify your emotions and needs

  • becoming more compassionate with yourself

  • transforming self-violence or negative self-talk into self-empathy

  • deep empathy skills (the great advantage of a quiet leader or those leaders who want to be quieter and more compassionate)

More connected and efficient conversations and meetings

  • true honesty that connects and supports growth

  • the art of giving and receiving empathic feedback in a way that creates alignment

  • appreciations and evaluations that support people's growth and development

  • avoiding the things that block communication or tend to "trigger" people

  • the deliberate use of verbal and nonverbal communication to serve your purpose

  • interrupting skills

  • hearing strong messages and translating them into life-serving language

  • aligning the work of the organisation with its values

  • empathic and convergent facilitation skills (inclussion of all information and points of view)

Creating a new culture at work

  • inspiring and motivating people to collaborate, to be authentic through creating a culture of being radically honest while being caring

  • using your influence to create change that aligns with your values

  • true collaboration and inclusion (away from competition or exclusion)

  • deescalating violence or tension and redirecting conversations towards collaboration (away from separatedness)

  • valuing and balancing individual needs with organisational needs and aims

  • using conflict as a learning and development strategy

  • meeting structure to support participation and efficiency (while holding people in their wholeness)

Course structure

  • Reading and audio/ video materials for reflection 

  • Practice materials to integrate the information 

  • One 90 min. live Zoom call weekly - Fridays, from at 15:00 pm - 16:30 (UK) starting on September 23rd 2022 til December 9th.

  • Recordings of each call- coming to the calls is expected and an important part of this course, but no worries if you need to miss the odd one, as they will be recorded.

  • Opportunity to engage with other participants as practice buddies or in small groups (outside of class, in your own schedule, a one hour call weekly tends to work well for people).

  • Practice community on Slack, Whatsapp or similar platform to keep in touch with me daily during the course. Ask me anything you want at any time (I do sleep).

  • 2 individualised one-to-one coaching calls with me. This will help you integrate the material and apply it to your specific situation. This is a unique opportunity to enhance your learning.

Time Commitment

This training is an intensive experience designed to maximise your learning. For the 12 weeks we are together, I will suggest that you participate in:

  • 12 x 90 min. live sessions (9 training, 3 practice)

  • about 30 min to 1 hour of reading and/or exercises per week

  • daily time to reflect on your progress in a journal and to practice mindfulness exercises

  • 1x 1hour practice buddy call a week (optional but strongly suggested)

Your engagement and practice will have a huge impact on your understanding and integration of the material- and on how the positive changes you will see. Some people only manage to come to the live calls, and that it beneficial too. 

I will invite you to make this course work for you, and I will help you do just that. This is the type of course that you can take lightly to get some basic concepts and tips, or you can take very seriously and immerse yourself in the material and practice beyond the suggestions. It is up to you, your needs in this moment and your availability.

Watch the video 

Important Information

How to register

This course is a special and intimate opportunity to work directly with me and other people in leadership positions. The first step is to have a one to one coaching call with me, free of charge, to explore together what you are looking for and hoping to improve, and whether this course is a good match for you and viceversa. 

Once you fill out an intake questionnaire and we will talk and from there! I hope to see you soon.

Refund policy

I hope that you will be delighted with this course and the personal and professional growth and development that comes from your practice. However, should you not feel that the course is a good fit for you once we have started, refunds are available up to 30 days from start date of the course. 


Nati Beltrán crafts her interactive communication training sessions with the flow of artistry and the precision of science. I was engaged and inspired through every minute. I learned more about scary honesty and true honesty that draws people closer together, instead of apart, than any other Nonviolent Communication or any communication course I have ever experienced. Her practical tips and learning on the body, mental and emotional levels all made it easy for me to remember and immediately apply what I learned to my priority relationships. And it worked! Nati is a gifted teacher of communication that connects! I recommend wholeheartedly to grab the chance to have her as a teacher or coach.

- Marie R. Miyashiro - Author, The Empathy Factor and International e-Learning Trainer, Coach and Mentor

I want to thank you for your wonderful teaching!
I'm noticing breakthroughs when I use NVC tools in conversations where I'm able to stay connected and present in difficult situations. Staying centred with self- compassion is helping me lean into the other person's feelings (without taking responsibility for them) and needs. I've been able to ask for someone's truth that was difficult for them to express, giving them a safe place with no judgment to do that. I could also listen to his truth that was difficult for me to hear by giving myself the compassion I needed in the space of one breath.
Thanks again for your wonderful gift.
- 6 month NVC in-depth programme participant




My name is Nati Beltrán. I am a Nonviolent Communication consultant, facilitator and coach.

Bright Communication provides simple and powerful communication and collaboration tools that support organisations and individuals align with and live out their values.

Better communication for a better world.

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